Canyoning in Salzburg

Discover hidden gorges and spectacular canyons

Canyoning Salzburg


Everybody’s darling

A perfect match for group excursions, company and family outings. Cayoning fun for thrill-seekers and beginners alike.

Canyoning Salzburg


Crazy jumps ‘n thrills

An exciting one-day tour for all those in need of a sportly challenge and who have no fear of high jumps.

Canyoning Salzburg


Let our beautiful gorges enchant you!

Also well-suited for beginners, families, friends… This canyoning tour takes you to magic places…

What is Canyoning?

Walking, swimming, climbing or roping down through a gorge or ravine in its natural form…. Sliding down cascades and jumping into crystal-clear pools (Gumping) – That’s Canyoning!

Experience clear and fresh water, waterfalls and cascades, grottos, sheer rock walls and natural toboggans in a magical, monumental and primeval landscape of water and rock!

Canyoning in Salzburg –  a fascinating and unforgettable experience that will enchant you with its impressive sceneries, a lot of fun and thrills.

Come and try it out!

Canyoning in Salzburg’s back-country

The ‘Salzburger Land’ is a true canyoning paradise. CROCODILE SPORTS has been organizing canyoning tours since the late nineteen-eighties. By now, there are many tours with different levels of difficulty to choose from.

From an easy canyoning hike to a challenging jump-gorge, subterranean pools or high waterfalls. We offer everything a canyoning heart can wish for!

Our canyoning tours are only 20 minutes away from the city of Salzburg

The proximity to the world-heritage city of Salzburg makes our canyoning tours special. Some of our tours are only a 20-minute drive away from the city centre! The combination of action, nature and culture is very special and rare.

Rain or shine? Either way – Canyoning is the perfect outing in any weather.

Perfectly equipped with helmet, wetsuit, canyoning-harness and special canyoning shoes, you are well-prepared for this adventure.

After getting equipped, you will get a precise instruction and safety-training, held by our certified and experienced canyoning guides. Our guides take highest safety precautions and they are empathic towards our guests.

Our Canyoning Tours are perfectly suited for group outings or school excursions!

There are three tours to choose from:

  1. Canyoning Tour ‘Swiss Cheese’ – perfect for beginners, families, company outings and school groups.
  2. Jumping Jack Flash – a day-tour for those who seek for sportive thrills and who are not scared of spectacular cliff jumps.
  3. It’s Magic – perfect for beginners and families. This is one the most beautiful and magical experiences nature has to offer.

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Canyoning Salzburg

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